watch The Girl Next Door (2004) megavideo movie online

Matthew Kidman is your typical high school kid. Though he's the class president, gets good grades, and is fairly reserved, he longs to get crazy with the "cool kids". As he approaches the end of his senior year, he focuses all of his attention on getting a scholarship to Georgetown.

However, all that changes when Danielle moves in next door to house-sit for her aunt. Matthew is instantly smitten with the hot young 19 year old. Danielle even briefly toys with him, but it isn't long before the two develop a relationship with each other. It turns out that Danielle is running from her mysterious past and Matthew is just what she's looking for in order to escape. Much to the amazement of Matthew's equally geeky friends, he begins dating Danielle.

Things change, though, when Matthew discovers Danielle's secret past – she was a porn star. This quickly throws their relationship into turmoil, even more so when her former porn producer Kelly shows up. Will Matthew ditch Danielle or stick with her?


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