Windows XP Dark Edition v7 SP3 SATA Driver | 660 MB

One of the best and probably the most awesome Windows XP ever released now on its 7th edition!

Silent Unattended and Very Fast Installation, and you can update the OS without any problem.

- Multi Boot
- Font
- IE6
- WMP11
- Full Unattended

---- Updated ----

- RVMUpdatePackSP3 1.0.3
- RyanVM's AddOn Version 1.9.0
- KelsCPLBonus addon Version 9.2.6
- DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime AddOn 0.6.0 redxii
- OnePiece Windows Media Player 11 True AddOn v1.4.1
- Ricks VistaRTMFonts AddOn v1.1
- WGA Validation AddOn redxii
- Vista RTM Boot Screen Dark Bar By catalogk
- Oeminfo
- Ricktendo64 RefreshClock
- NR CursorsAIO
- Vista DRIVE Indicator DarkLite Mod

What's Included Latest Version: 1.0.3
Windows XP Hotfixes

KB281981 - Disconnected sessions retain the original variable
KB887606 - Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly

WGA Validation AddOn - v1.9.9.1 for 32-bit XP
Contains WGA Validation Tool, version of LegitCheckControl.dll Validation tool only, no

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Windows XP Dark Edition v7 SP3 SATA Driver

Windows XP Dark Edition v7 SP3 SATA Driver



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