Ultimate Boot CD for Windows Version 3.60 | 657 MB

UBCD4Win is a bootable recovery CD that contains software used for repairing, restoring, or diagnosing almost any computer problem. Our goal is to be the most complete and easy to use free computer diagnostic tool. Almost all software included in UBCD4Win are freeware utilities for Windows. Some of the tools inlcuded are "free for personal use" copies so users need to respect these licenses. A few of the tools included in UBCD4Win are paid for and licensed software owned by UBCD4win. On occasion we work with software companies/authors for permission to include their software in our download or have requested their software better support PE. Users can freely share copies of UBCD4Win with friends but selling UBCD4Win for a profit is not acceptable. We have worked hard for many years helping people for free with this project, others should not make money from our hard work. If you are a dialup user having a hard time downloading UBCD4Win, please visit our ordering page. UBCD4Win is based on Bart's PE. Bart's PE builds a Windows "pre-install" environment CD, basically a simple Windows XP booted from CD. UBCD4Win includes network support and allows you the ability to modify NTFS volumes, recover deleted files, create new NTFS volumes, scan hard drives for viruses, etc. Our download includes almost everything you need to repair your system problems. This project has been put together to be the ultimate recovery cd and not a replacement OS (Operating System). Please visit the "List of Tools" page for a complete list of what is included in the latest version of UBCD4Win.

There are requirements for building this CD which can and may make it difficult for everyone to build the project. Please understand that these requirements and restrictions are due to copyright laws, etc. When starting this project I wanted it to be as easy as possible. I wanted it to be a simple ISO file download just like the original Ultimate Boot CD. I had to weigh the ease of build and functionality very carefully. After much thought and research I decided that Bart's PE was the best way to accomplish this task. That decision required a different type of build and more steps for the end user. Yes more complicated, but I prefer to think of these additional steps in a positive way. We provide detailed instructions and our forum for help. Inexperienced users will feel a sense of accomplishment and gain knowledge when they successfully build the CD.

List of tools included with Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

Anti-Spyware Tools
aSquared Free Scans remote hard drives for spyware, etc.
AVG AntiSpyware
CWShredder 2.16 Finds and removes traces of CoolWebSearch hijacker.
EzPCFix Helpful tool when trying to remove viruses, spyware, other troublesome advertising programs, and malware from your computer...

AntiVirus Tools
AVPersonal 7.04 Good full featured freeware AntiVirus software
Avast! Tool 1.0.211 Scans for a limited number of viruses
Kaspersky VRT Free virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky
McAfee Stinger 2.6.0 Scans for a limited number of viruses

FireFox Internet Browser
Irfanview 3.98 Compact image viewer
NotePad++ 4.7.5 Powerful notepad replacement
Opera 9.25 Internet Browser
PDF Reader 1.3 B519 PDF viewer
nPOPuk 2.11 Email Client...

Disk Tools
CopyWipe 1.14 Copies and/or securely erases hard drives
Disk Copy N/A Floppy disk copier
Disk Image 1.15 Creates and restores images of disks to files
DriveImage XML 1.18 Hard drive backup and cloning
ImgMaker 1.1 Create backup images of your Hard drive, no longer supported?
RawCopy 1.0 Used to transfer data directly to another drive when the original is faulty...

File Management
IZArc 3.5 B3 Popular freeware compression tool.
7-Zip 4.57 Popular freeware compression tool.
a43 2.45 File management
Agent Ransack 1.73 File search
freeCommander 2007.10a File management
Space Monger 1.4 Graphical disk usage viewer tool.
Tiny Hexer Hex editor
WinDir Stat 1.1 Disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool
xplorer2 Lite EXCELLENT File management tool!!
DBXtract 4.5 Repairs PST files for Outlook express...

Linux Tools
Explore2fs 1.00 Allows exploration of Linux partitions in the Windows environment
R-Linux 1.0 Recovery utility for the Ext2FS file system

MultiBoot Tools
MemTest86+ 2.0 Memory tester
Vista Recovery Console n/a Recovery console for Windows Vista

Network Tools
FileZilla FTP Client
IP Sniffer 1.91.6 Fast IP scanner for Windows
IPScan 2.21 Fast IP scanner for Windows
LAN Monitor 1.3.5 Karen's
NetStumbler 0.4 Find wireless networks
Network ConfigTool n/a Tom's Network ConfigTool, to help setup network configuration settings before building UBCD4Win
NIC Speed 1.3 Bart's
nwdskpe Novell's NetWare Client to access NetWare servers by IP/IPX
Putty .60 Implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator
Real VNC Server 4.1.2 Remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computer...

Registry Tools
Erunt 1.1i Emergency Recovery Utility -Registry backup and restore
Fix HDC n/a Fix the Hard Drive Controller when replacing your motherboard on an XP system, possible replacement for Fix IDE?
Fix IDE n/a Fix the IDE Controller when replacing your motherboard on an XP system
RegBrws 1.2.2 Browses local/remote system registry using a specified account
RegResWiz Wizard that restores the registry to previous saved states

System Information Tools
- Benchmark Tools
CPU Bench 4.0.06 CPU benchmarking software
Dead Pixel Tester 2.30 Used to help dead pixels on your LCD/TFT monitor
MemTest 3.2 Memory tester, please read manual.htm for instructions and advice
P95 23.8 Prime95, stress tester, popular with overclockers
Quick Bench
StraightMark 1.2.1 System benchmarking tool
-Information & Diagnostic Tools
CPUz 2.44 Gathers information on some of the main devices in a system
Driver Wizard...



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