COREL Painter Essentials 4.0.051 Retail | 63 MB

COREL Painter Essentials - Designed for Artists, Designers, and Photographers ... and the next generation of Creative Professionals! Setting the standard for digital painting and illustration, digital art studio Painter Corel Essentials contains new composition tools, unparalleled performance and offers a completely new system for drawing RealBristle, allowing to simulate the effects of traditional brushes like never before believable - right down the individual bristles on the brush!

Industrial designers:
Commercial designers require powerful tools. That is why the world's leading illustrators, automotive concept designers, architects, industrial and graphic designers use Painter Corel. Painter Corel Essentials enables commercial designers to express their creative vision and for their customers distinctive designs, illustrations and logos.

Graphic Designers:
Leading artists in the entertainment industry use Corel Painter to produce some of the most famous in the world of movies, comics and video games. Leveraging their natural talents and techniques with Corel Painter Essentials professional graphic designers have the opportunity to improve their productivity and reduce the time needed to create astounding scenes, characters, vehicles, materials and textures.

Professional Photographers:
In recent years, Corel Painter has sparked a new trend in the professional photography market as photographers explore the creative possibilities of turning their photographs into paintings. Painter Corel X offers photographers new revenue streams, making it easier than ever before, turning photos into beautiful hand-painted works.

Many fine artists use Painter Corel as their primary art medium. Their work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, demonstrating that digital art has been recognized on the world art scene. Painter Corel Essentials enables artists to experiment with new techniques, without wasting time and money that would ordinarily be required with analog mediums, and achieve results that emulate those in their traditional counterparts.

Educators around the world enjoy the broad capabilities and ease of Painter Corel, to enhance the learning experience and provide students with the skills they need in order to become leading professionals in the field of creativity.

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