Karachi Fashion Week 2010
a pioneering trade event for regional fashion industry

The fashion industry of Pakistan is comprised of individuals and organizations who are all playing vital roles in enhancing their respective fashion markets, including the designers, textile manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, stylists, beauty and health product companies (including cosmetics), models, makeup artists, hair stylists, choreographers, and the fashion media. They work together as a whole industry, each individual piece as important as the next in collectively completing the fashion industry jigsaw puzzle.

Karachi Fashion Week is a completely integrated showcase, aimed at encouraging increased collaboration between the fashion design industry manufacturers. Its main aim is to uplift the fashion industry of Pakistan, and its approach is multifaceted. In a country where apparel manufacturing maintains world class quality and reputation, the aspect of fashion design has not yet been fully developed, in spite of the tremendous potential available. KFW seeks out and encourages promising young designers, to be part of this international showcase, gaining the opportunity to interact with and learn from working designers, as well as exposing their designs to markets with high potential.

By encouraging Pakistani designers to use local textiles and crafts in their designs, we actually help to boost the related industries as well. All of this combined creates a sustainable local fashion industry, constantly offering opportunities for future young designers, career growth options for existing designers, and building upon the success of the local textile and apparel industry for the benefits of all.


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