What have ice cream and fashion got to do with each other? You might not have heard about it, but in the Philippines, a recently concluded fashion show highlighted “angelic” creations inspired by one of the best comfort foods around the world – ice cream.

Dubbed “Heaven by Nestle Ice Cream presents Premier C,” the fashion show featured some of the most popular designers in the country. Those familiar with the Philippine fashion scene will recognize names such as Arnold Galang, Dita Sandico-Ong, Enrico Carado, Happy Andrada, Tina Daniac, Raoul Ramirez for ESAC, and Lyle IbaƱez for ESAC Plus.

I have to say that Nestle does have some delectable ice cream flavors, and they chose their premium flavors to serve as the theme for the show: Belgian Bliss, Strawberry Dream, and Vanilla Secret. Obviously, Belgian Bliss is all about chocolate – as rich as you can get; Strawberry Dream greets your mouth with a burst of fruity flavor; and Vanilla Secret brings a new twist to the ordinary vanilla ice cream with caramel and almonds.


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